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Inner Thoughts and Strange Nothings

13 May 1984
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Right now, if you wanted to have a discussion with me, you would soon find out that all of my time and energy is dedicated to school. I would bore you to death with the details of my newest short story, my last poem to be workshopped, my spanish composition, or my Shakespeare presentation coming up. When I'm not at school I spend most of my days in wasteful oblivion, letting my mind wander where it wants and just following along. When I'm actually paying attention to what’s going on around me, I find myself in one of four places: in our new house with my relatively new husband and my less new, but still new, dog; at work at the vet clinic which is newer than my husband and my dog, but has now gotten way too old; at VCU taking writing and literature classes (which I guess are new every semester) trying not to fall asleep by drawing a complete underwater scene on my notepaper and making fairly good grades while doing it; occasionally you will find me in front of a computer, thinking that I should be working on my novel, but hardly ever doing it. Now that I’ve told you where you can find me, I recommend not trying to find me because I don’t like stalkers. I do go other places. Like the grocery store, Barnes and Nobles, various restaurants and shops, shoe stores, stores with smell-good candles, petsmart with my dog so she can embarrass me, walmart (though I hate it), the mailbox, next door, movie theaters, Washington State (where it doesn't rain though you all think it does), the beach, my office upstairs, the backyard, art stores, the ABC store, gas stations... you get the idea.